Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

On the 25th May 2018, the Data Protection Law is changing to become the General Data Protections Regulations (GDPR) and we need to update you on how Britannia Sealants Ltd is reacting to this.
The GDPR aims to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the EU and to give control back to people over their personal data. It also enforces additional obligations for organisations and give extra rights to each individual on how their data is used.
This is something we are taking very seriously. We have updated our systems and procedures to ensure any personal data held by Britannia Sealants is required, stored safely and communicated to each individual. It is our aim to collect, store and present concise, transparent, intelligible practices which are easily accessible and always use clear and plain language. For any questions, please contact
In response to these changes we have reviewed our Privacy Policy below:

Who We are

Britannia Sealants Limited are a mastic and sealant company who works within the construction industry. We are registered in England & Wales and our registration number is 565597 at 9 Palmers Avenue, Grays, Essex, RM17 5TX.

The Data we Hold & How it Affects our Business Partners:

Sub Contractors Clients Defect Customers Suppliers Online
What Data We Hold Name & Address
Telephone & Email Address
UTR Number
NI Number
Driving Licence Details
Next of Kin
Work & Complaints record
Payment record
Telephone no
Business Address
Email Address
Contact Name
Telephone No
Email Address
Bank Details
Business Address
Name & Address
Telephone No
Email Address
Telephone No
How Do We Collect This Data Provided by individual and consent provided at time of contract - through signed starter form Consent provided by client within the tender & contract process. Details provided when completing business with each other Provided by Client Provided through contact part of website
Why Do we need to collect this data Ensure you are eligible to work & drive in the UK. Legal obligations to the HMRC Safety records Required to fulfil requirements of client contract To order goods and services from you To fulfil our contractual duties to our client and their customers To follow up enquiry
How do we keep your data secure Information is stored within password protected software Information is stored within password protected software Information is stored within password protected software Information is stored within password protected software Information is stored within password protected software
How long will we keep your data HMRC require us to keep employee information for a minimum of three tax years prior to the current tax year Until the end of the defect period of the contract or unless specified otherwise Unless specified we will keep this for further business needs Updated client that once the work is completed we will delete the telephone no and email but we need to keep their name and address Until enquiry is completed
Who will we share your data with Third Party payroll company
HMRC - to verify and comply with legal obligations
Accountant - End of year process
This information will only be shared within the office We will not share this data with anyone We will not share this data with anyone No one
How do we communicate this information to individuals Handbook, privacy notice and emails Privacy Policy and email Email and post privacy Notice Email and post privacy Notice Privacy Policy on website

Understanding your Individuals Rights

GDPR focuses heavily on giving individuals more control and rights over their data. These rights are explained below.

  • Right of Access: This provides you with the access to all data held on you. Please complete a Subject Access Request by contacting our office and all information will be proved within 30 days
  • Right to be informed: The information we hold on you and why is listed above. In the very unlikely event of anything happening to your data or there is a data breach of any kind, we will inform you of the details and how we have resolved the situations.
  • Right to Erase: This allows you to have your data removed for our systems and any third party which your information has been shared with. However, this is not an absolute right and if a legitimate legal reason can be demonstrated to keep the data, then this is allowed.
  • Right to Withdraw: If consent has been given previously and you wish to have this consent withdrawn, please contact the office to complete a Right to Withdraw form.
  • Right to Rectification: The correction of your personal data when incorrect or out of date. Please email your request to
  • Right to Object or Restrict Processing: We do not do any direct marketing or use your data in any other way than to run our business.
  • Right to Portability: You may demand to have all the data collected on you and transferred to a new provider. Please request in email to and this will be completed within 30 days.