High-Performance Fireproofing

Established over 20 years ago, we at Britannia Sealants provide a fully comprehensive and professional range of fireproofing services. We are an award-winning company that is committed to delivering an outstanding fire safety and protection service as well as superior standards of workmanship in all of our solutions, from swimming pool and façade sealants to silicone sealants and jointing. So, if you’re looking for reliable, high-performance fireproofing services, then get in touch with us today as we have the solutions for you.

What does our fireproofing include?

As one of the leading fireproofing companies in the UK, we have undertaken a huge amount of fireproofing work to exceptional standards. We understand the importance of having proper regulations and systems in place in the event of a fire and, with our specialist services will complete an extensive evaluation which includes:

An evaluation of any existing fire safety systems.

A survey and discussion about your requirements.

Advice about adhering to fire regulations.

An action plan of systems that need to be implemented.

Supply and installation of the systems.

Who are the best fireproofing contractors?

If you’ve been wondering which company is best for fireproofing, here’s why you should choose us at Britannia Sealants…

Over 25 Years of Experience

We are family-run and have 25+ years of experience in offering a highly personalised yet professional service.

Award-Winning Company

We have won many awards including NHBC recognition awards and subcontractor of the year.

100% Health & Safety

We take huge pride in the fact that our company has a 100% health and safety record for your complete reassurance.

Fully Qualified

Our team are CSCS card holders and trained to NVQ Level 2 alongside our fully qualified site supervisors.

Range of Services

We offer all aspects of fireproofing and have a range of other fully comprehensive services and solutions.

10-Year Guarantee

We provide a 10-year guarantee on all of our workmanship, materials and services.

What types of fireproofing are there?

As top fireproofing contractors, we at Britannia Sealants work with all types of fireproofing and can supply and install:


Sealants, such as penetration sealants use specially designed materials such as intumescent mastic, to seal around fire door frames and other penetrations including sealing of service penetrations through walls, floors and ceilings. This kind of passive fire protection can provide up to four hours of protection against smoke and fire.

Fire batts

Fire batts are mineral fibre boards that are covered in fire-resistance, ablative coating – a coating that chars when exposed to open flame or extreme temperatures). Fire batts are suitable for service risers and larger openings and aim to stop the boards underneath from catching fire and spreading the fire further throughout the building.

Pipe collars and sleeves

Pipe collard and sleeves are manufactured using intumescent mastic bonded to the inside of a steel sleeve. When exposed to heat, these collars and sleeves will constrict inwards to squeeze the pipe until it is completely sealed. Thus, restricting the flow of smoke or fire throughout a property.

All of the systems that we install adhere to strict building regulations and fireproofing standards for your complete safety and assurance.

Why is fireproofing so important?

Fireproofing your property is undoubtedly one of the best investments that you can make, here’s why…

Saves Lives

Ensuring that you have proper fireproofing precautions in place in the event of a fire is vital to saving lives. Our fireproofing services are designed to compartmentalise fire and smoke so that the building’s occupants have enough time to act quickly and escape.

Contains Fire Spread

Our fireproofing work aims to contain the spread of fire and smoke to one area of the property and stop it from spreading through penetration spaces and joins. This provides much-needed time when every second counts.

Reduces Damage

Containing fire in these ways significantly reduces the damage done throughout a building or your property. Furthermore, important structures will remain robust if a fire occurs which is vital to safety.

Fire Regulations

There are certain regulations that a building has to adhere to by law, in both residential and non-residential settings. We can advise on the fire regulations that you need to adhere to, so please do get in touch.

Saves Money

In the event of a fire, you will probably incur some damage to your property which is covered by your insurance, however belongings and valuable may not be. Having the proper fireproofing systems in place will save you money in the long term.

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