Mastic Pointing

Mastic Pointing

With over 20 years of experience, we at Britannia Sealants provide a fully comprehensive and professional range of mastic pointing services. We are an award-winning company and strive to deliver superior standards of workmanship every time. From mastic pointing and façade and swimming pool sealants to silicone sealants, fireproofing and more! So, if you’re looking for a trusted mastic pointing company, then contact us today as we have the solutions for you.

Britannia Sealants FaQ

What’s the average cost of mastic pointing in the UK?

Due to the many factors which influence the cost of mastic pointing and pointing mastic sand, we recommend getting in touch with us for a consultancy and quote.

What is mastic pointing used for?

Mastic is a type of sealant or adhesive that can be used to finish the spaces between window and door frames as well as the masonry surrounding them. Pointing mastic sand is specially formulated sand. When mixed with linseed oil, it creates a putty which can be used for these purposes too. It is a flexible and durable way to bond two materials together. Furthermore, mastic pointing can…

Provide a waterproof sealant to walls, windows and doors.

Maintain the structural integrity of a property.

Create a breathable building by limiting the flow of moisture and air in a building.

Add a decorative finish to a wall or building.

Which company is best for mastic pointing?

If you’ve been wondering which company is best for mastic pointing, here’s why you should choose us at Britannia Sealants…

Over 25 Years of Experience

We are family-run and have 25+ years of experience in offering a highly personalised yet professional service.

Award-Winning Company

We have won many awards including NHBC recognition awards and subcontractor of the year.

100% Health & Safety

We take huge pride in the fact that our company has a 100% health and safety record for your complete reassurance.

Fully Qualified

Our team are CSCS card holders and trained to NVQ Level 2 alongside our fully qualified site supervisors.

Range of Services

We offer all aspects of commercial sealant and mastic pointing services, as well as many more solutions.

10-Year Guarantee

We provide a 10-year guarantee on all of our workmanship, materials and services.

What are the benefits of mastic pointing?

We have seen our customers enjoy the benefits of mastic pointing and pointing mastic sand first-hand. Here are some of the advantages of mastic pointing…

Mastic pointing is robust, yet flexible

Movement joints are put in place to allow movement within the structure of a building. Construction joints up to 30mm should be sealed with a suitable flexible sealant, such as mastic that can take the appropriate building movement required whilst maintaining structural integrity and preventing any water ingress into the building.

Mastic pointing is reliable

Joint sealants reach their performance limits at around 25-30mm wide and have a maximum joint movement capability of around 25% of the joint width. At these upper levels of their application limitations, extruded joint sealant application and installation can still be very difficult and requires the ideal environmental conditions and skilled labour for success.

Mastic is versatile

Mastic sealant is highly versatile and can adhere to timber, aluminium, steel, marble, glass and more. This makes it a great option for mastic pointing as well as sealing between timber window frames, doors and entranceways and as a filler for cracks in masonry, concrete and more.

Mastic pointing is durable

Mastic can last for up to 20 years outside, making it a great option for pointing. Mastic can be used outside because of its water-resistant, temperature-resistant and UV-resistant properties. It is also capable of resisting corrosion which makes it suitable for use with metals.

Easy application

The application of mastic on a surface requires much less preparation than other types of adhesive. For example, mastic pointing can be applied on the surface right away without the need for primer. This makes for a quick solution that is cost-effective as it is less labour-intensive than others.

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